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Joe Vodvarka Handout Download  (Right Click - Save As)

Please download this file and save it. This two-page file is meant to be printed on both sides of a single page. Here's how to do it if you are printing from a printer that does not print double-sided pages:
1. Print a single copy (to test the orientation of your printer)
2. Reverse the page and run it through your printer again to print on the other side.
3. Note, it may take a couple of tries to get the orientation of the paper right as it feeds through your printer. I know it took me a few tries. Don't get frustrated, you can do it.
4. Once you've figured out the paper orientation, print a whole lot of copies, and then feed them all through again to print the back side.
5. Cut the pages into individual handouts.
6. Give to your friends, neighbors, family members, folks you meet on the street, your barber, your mechanic, everyone!
7. Tell everyone about Joe and his message!

Thanks and GO JOE!